“Drink Up, Buttercup!”

“Drink Up, Buttercup!”

Water is essential, especially while the body is detoxifying. Increasing fluids (especially “just plain water”) will help your body flush out some of the things that probably were never meant to be in a body anyway.

Your organs work more efficiently when they’re appropriately hydrated. Your heart pumps blood, not mud! 😉 You’ll feel better too – joints, muscles, ALL of you!

Your body contains a surprising amount of water and there must be a reason for that. So keep a water bottle handy. Build a new habit of grabbing your water every time you leave a room (like you used to grab your pack and lighter.)

The familiar hand to mouth motions of sipping may actually soothe some of the triggers because sipping, more or less, mimics puffing. Water is good for you and it’s a healthy, calorie-free, treat your body needs now – maybe more than ever.


(wait for it)

(yes, there’s probably a bad pun coming)

…WATER you waiting for?!


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