“Good Stuff!”

“Good Stuff!”

‘Had the distinct pleasure of holding two QuittersWin sessions yesterday and I’m blown away by the good work folks are doing and the progress they’re making! As they change several aspects of their lives, breaking habits they’ve practiced for years or decades, they are taking back their power and their freedom. Good work, all!

And as impressive as the concrete changes being made are, what really stuns me and thrills me is the candor and compassion shared across the room as these brave souls cast off their chains, share with each other, support one another, and grow. The energy in the room seems almost contagious. I’m impressed and proud of the work that’s happening!

Big high five for folks making large and small steps on their journeys! If you aren’t able to attend a live QuittersWIn class, try to get on the Friday Conference Call for a quick check-in.

*[[ dial 712-775-7031, access code 581592, Friday at noon! ]]*

Weekly classes are also held in Athol and Gardner, MA – message me for details. http://ow.ly/i/vCGaN

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