“D’s Will Help”

When trying to avoid relapse, remembering these tools will come in handy for sure! Please commit to memorizing them (because tools are no good if you can find them, right?)

DRINK water and your body’s systems will work better, assisting in the detoxification process. The repetitive hand-to-mouth sipping may be a good replacement for hand-to-mouth puffing.

DELAY using until the craving passes (and they always will, given time.) You can also use this step as a pre-quit tool. Combining delaying with the next tool is very effective!

DISTRACT yourself and you’ll soon forget that you wanted to use. Grab your phone, notebook, crayons, crotchet hook, or a good book, and the desire to use will wander away.

DEEP BREATHING is really “good medicine” that comes without co-pays or child-proof lids! Just a few minutes and you’ll feel transformed!

DISCUSS it with a friend and be sure that the friend is really committed to your freedom! We all know friends who are, in fact, “accomplices” who might help us get back into trouble. Pick up the phone, email or text your Quit Coach or a Quit Buddy Talk it out – think it through. You’ll be OK without using!

DO something physical and you can spark up some endorphins which can tickle your brain in the same way using did. Keep the dog leash or jump rope handy, hop on the treadmill or take a hike. Moving is good for your mood (and may help minimize or eliminate any quit-related weight gain!)

DO NOT USE! You “D-serve” better!

Please take the time to recite these a few times so they’re glued in your noggin’ and ready to serve you when you need them. Don’t forget to be awesome!

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