“Take Time to Play”

“Take Time to Play”

Take time to play
and time to breathe
Wish, hope, or pray
and deeply believe
Every day we do these things
we’ll be amazed at the peace it brings

I know in real life – irl – there will always be things and people competing for our time, but when we take time for self, we can better attend to the needs of others. Making a little “me time” a daily discipline can mean that lots of relationships, projects, and duties go better!

Play (at least) a little, even if you have to schedule it into your day. Even a few minutes of something that occupies your hands and head can keep your heart at peace. Hands, head, and heart activities can fit into any day – rain or shine. And if weather and schedule permit, some full-body, outdoor play can really recharge your battery! If you only have a few minutes, a bottle of bubble-stuff will do. If you’ve got the time, grab the canoe!

Wishing, hoping, or praying for self and others can keep our imagination and our compassion in shape. Turning within to imagine and ponder and reaching out to a benevolent power or the essence of the universe can strengthen our “earth, self, sky” connection. Sometimes it almost seems like I can feel my blood pressure falling, when I take time to prayerfully ponder.

Make it your main job to take care of you because you deserve to be the top priority. Caring for you first enables you to take better care of the folks around you, too. So go play like it was your job! http://ow.ly/i/vQd4U

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