“Growing is Hard”

“Growing is Hard”

Growing can be hard. There will always be obstacles to overcome. Growth requires a willingness to change and a determination to not turn back when we encounter those obstacles. We must summon the courage and grit to push on, push through, push past those barriers.

To not change – not grow – means staying trapped someplace where we know we don’t belong. It means letting some power besides ours make the decisions and determine our fate. Sure, there will always be SOME things which are beyond our control. But growing is within our control, and hard or not, it’s doable!

Shake off the shackles of addiction, push past the obstacles of complacency, and break free from the trap that’s keeping you from your true potential. The trap may feel cozy, comfy, and even (ironically) safe. But don’t be fooled, be free!

It is my joy to daily serve souls who are brave enough to fight to regain their freedom! Thank you for your courage. DFTYA! http://ow.ly/i/vIrps

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