“Mondays Matter”

“Mondays Matter”

Research indicates that habits begun on Mondays are more likely to endure. Goals set on Monday are more likely to be achieved. And whether or not this surprises you or whether or not we believe it, why not try building a new habit today?

Today may not be the day to start kayaking, especially if you don’t have a kayak. Today may not be the ideal day to run a marathon, especially if you don’t own a pair of running shoes. But… it IS a good day to build a new habit, because it’s Monday! Let’s try some mini-meditations.

Today, when I get into the car (before the key is in the ignition) I will take three slow deep breaths and think compassionate thoughts about those I’ll meet on my journey.

If you aren’t planning to go out in a car, then change it to when you sit to eat a meal or snack, or before I dial the telephone.

Breathing deeply and thinking either grateful or compassionate thoughts will usually feel good and may help relieve some stress. Even in the short time it takes for three deep breaths, you might feel a difference.

While you may be in pursuit of a BIG goal, these small steps really work to develop our competence and our confidence. And today is definitely a great day to get started!

B J Fogg has done 20 years of research in habit formation and has some brilliant guidance for folks wanting to get serious about building new habits. Please check out http://tinyhabits.com/ to benefit from his research.

Happy Monday!
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