“Stop, Look, Breathe”

“Stop, Look, Breathe”

When we stop and look for beauty, we live in a beautiful world. Beauty, like many other things is always there for those willing to seek it. Pulling into a parking space in the middle of an acre of asphalt might not inspire thoughts of natural beauty, but if we take the time and have the awareness even an acre of asphalt can hold beauty. And if our calendar allows a walk in the garden, the woods or along the shore, then beauty abounds.

To some extent, seeing beauty is about being open to see it – expecting to see it – regardless of our location. So let’s seek it today, wherever our day may take us.

Stop every now and then, look for a thing of beauty, breathe deeply and appreciate whatever beauty you find. The graceful arc of a crack in the parking lot , the gentle bend in the branch of a sapling, or the time worn edges of a stone at the water’s edge are there. Whether or not we see them and appreciate them is up to us.

Let’s try to stop today, perhaps close our eyes and take a deep breath, and then open our eyes expecting to see something beautiful. I hope you’ll have a beauty-filled day. http://ow.ly/i/vUZJH

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