“Let It Shine”

“Let It Shine”

Some people say that today is the “longest day of the year.” Technically it’s the day of the year (if you live in the northern hemisphere) when there are more hours and minutes of daylight than any other. So in actuality, today will be neither longer nor shorter than yesterday. BUT… (with me there’s usually a but) … solstice, shorter, or longer, this day is worthy of our attention. Let’s choose to make use of the day. In the spirit of the ancient tradition, let’s marvel at the sun in the sky – clouds or not – and tap into the energy which radiates from it. Let’s GROW today in some important way.

Learn all of the lyrics to a song (or teach them to a friend)

Start a new habit of breathing mindfully for a couple minutes before each meal

Write a rhyme or poem about gratitude or compassion

Try a new healthy recipe (and share it with a neighbor)

Walk, bike, or jog a little farther today

Encourage, comfort, or support someone who needs help today

Forgive someone today (whether they “deserve” it or not

Watch for signs of hope and growth around you

Smile wider and longer

I’m sure you can think of other positive, healthy ways to celebrate this gift of a day!
Shine today. The world needs your brilliance. http://ow.ly/i/w15YG

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