Keep Looking Up

There’s an amazing other world that often goes unnoticed as we live our lives, here below. Yes, it’s the world over our heads that has always been there, but has often gone unappreciated. We get busy, we keep our eye on the ball (or the phone.) We have to watch our step or we could get hurt, so I don’t want you to feel badly if you haven’t been watching the heavens above lately. But I know how sky-watching makes me feel – better! So I’m writing this today to remind me (and anyone else reading) that we deserve to stop walking, working, and worrying long enough to treat ourselves to a little “facetime with the sky!”

That will mean finding a comfortable place to sit or lay down where we can just look up and wonder… where does the cloud go when I can’t see it? …how do those birds balance on a telephone line? …how many creatures visit that tree in a day? …what are the people on the top floor of that building doing today? …will it rain tomorrow? …how many other people are watching the sky right now? =)

Stop walking, working, and worrying long enough to wonder today, OK? And tell the sky I said “hi!”

And speaking of sky, here’s the Muppet version of an Electric Light Orchestra’s classic “Mr. Blue Sky.” And as usual, I claim no rights or ownership of this amazing video. I just love it and wanted you to see it.

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