“Feel Good Friday: Gratitude”

“Feel Good Friday: Gratitude”

Here’s a quick and relatively easy way to put some “feel good” in your day. Take 5 minutes to write a note or card to a friend to express your gratitude. If possible, write it by hand and drop it in the mail. A hand-written card or note is rare and will probably encourage that friend more than once because they may pin it to a cork board or keep it in a desk drawer for a while.

A text message or email expression of gratitude is OK too, but be sure to take time to explain WHY you’re grateful to that person. The benefit is again two-fold; you feel good thinking about how grateful you are for a friend and the friend feels good when they get the message.

If you think it’s appropriate, sharing your expression of gratitude on social media might cause a little avalanche of thanks as others decide to express their thanks. When all is said and done, gratitude is #GoodMedicine and might be contagious! So let’s go spread some feel good today! Repeat as needed until you feel fabYOUlous!

I thank you for taking good care of you!

#FeelGoodFriday http://ow.ly/i/w5HMa

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