“New Growth”

“New Growth”

New growth is fun to watch, exciting to watch, and fills us with hope. And (trying not to say “but” here) it also demands lots of attention. To consider the example of a seedling, there is obviously tremendous potential hidden within the frail looking plant. It might grow into a tree. It might produce a great harvest of food to feed many. It might yield a bounty of blossoms.

MIGHT, right? As exciting and hope-filled as new growth is, it is also simultaneously frail, tender, vulnerable and requires our attention. New growth deserves our respect and protection. Please cherish whatever growth you’ve made thus far. please celebrate it and be inspired and encouraged by it. But let’s not forget to nurture it and acknowledge it’s frailty.

Somewhere between care-free and overly careful lies the balanced amount of care we need to continue to grow. Too little care and we may fall into arrogant over-confidence. Too much concern can easily become fearfulness, which adds anxiety to the journey and may sap our strength. If you’re making progress, let’s continue with cautious optimism – grateful, careful, and hopeful. http://ow.ly/i/w8L6F

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