“Keep Moving”

“Keep Moving”

Previously we talked about declaring our independence on the 4th of July. The key to success will be continuing to take (at least small) steps each day. There’s some magic in momentum that will get you to your goal – as long as you don’t sit idle too long. Complacency is contrary to growth. Moving things tend to move and sitting things tend to sit. So, if need be, re-focus on your goal and take steps today toward that noble pursuit – your freedom!

For friends fighting addiction here, the struggle is certainly real and the prize is immeasurable. But even if your goal is smaller – staying on top of the clutter on your desk – the truth is the same. Take action now – even if it’s a small step – and keep yourself out of the swamp of “I’ll do it later.” Now’s the time, if your goal is meaningful then action is essential.

If it helps (and it usually does) to add a little compassionate accountability to your goal, engage the support of a coach, quit-buddy, or trusted friend to keep you on track.

Thanks for being willing to read and interact about such a tough topic. Behavioral change is not for the faint of heart, but that’s exactly why I’m so happy to offer the support I can. You are rare, brave folks and I am honored and inspired by your courage.

Press on (right now!) 😉 http://ow.ly/i/wezFV

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