So here we are early in the seventh month, at about midpoint of the calendar year. Which begs the question, “how’s it going?” As half of the year has passed into the past, we might be compelled to think about the goals we have set, the journeys we’ve begun, the changes we’ve tried to make, new ventures and adventures. And since the song is only half sung, we have plenty of opportunity to reset our course, revisit our reasons, and reiterate our objectives on the way to reclaiming our freedom!

Today as a starting (over) place is no more arbitrary than the January 1st resolutions that everyone makes (and so few keep.) So why not use it as a day to reboot? It’s as good a day as any and maybe better than some. It’s only a day until an EPIC and easy to remember day – the 4th of July! For friends on a quest to regain their freedom from addiction, why not do it tomorrow!? Is it time to declare your independence?

The year is only half over, so there’s still time to make it your big year! Why not right now?

Don’t judge yourself too harshly because beating yourself up does not usually move people toward their goals. But be honest about the progress you’ve made to date in an analytical, not critical way. Conjure up the resolve to re-solve puzzles and barriers between you and where (or who) you want to be.

If it helps (and it will) to share your goal or re-commitment with others, do so. Share your goal with folks who will compassionately support you without making it too easy for you to not really try. Accountability to others is a goal killer! Get some!

Good luck on the rest of your journey, even if you’re starting from scratch or starting over again. It’s a good goal and if you’re lucky, the journey will teach you things about yourself that you couldn’t have learned from sitting on the couch bemoaning the goals you hadn’t accomplished. Happy re-new year!

Stay in touch and stay on track!

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