You Deserve Better

You deserve better. You are worthy of better. You are worthy. You have worth.

Somewhere along the way you may have settled for less, perhaps because of past events or struggles. Maybe the way that other people have treated you has caused you to question your worth. You’ve made the very common mistake of thinking that your worth is dependent upon your performance. And since you’ve missed the mark in the past (like everybody else) you have decided that you have less of a right to be whole, be free, be loved, be well, be accepted, be respected, or be protected.

Maybe if you’re a professional athlete, your income is tied to your performance. Your salary in dollars may be contingent upon things you do. But your worth is different and it is not bestowed upon you by any other person, nor is it related to what you did or will do. Your worth is part and parcel of your humanness. It is non-negotiable, irrevocable, and eternal.

“Once you realise you deserve better, everything will change. The fire in your heart will be lit and great stories you will someday tell.
Our stories come down to this. What it is we think we are worth.
And chances are, darling, you are worth far more than what you are settling for right now.” – S. C Lourie

I realize (American English spelling) that the word “darling” may sound odd or uncomfortable. But it means “precious, adored, cherished, or esteemed” and I think all of those potentially uncomfortable words are words we need to get comfortable with. So, get over it, darling! 😉 Maybe you need to start calling yourself “Darling” until you get used to it and really mean it.

When you start seeing yourself differently and before you know it, you’ll start treating yourself differently. That’s my wish, hope, and prayer for each of you.


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