Maybe the cost of your habit is part of your motivation to quit. 30 years ago I quit smoking cigarettes. I saved a bit of money because some days I was smoking 3 packs per day! And as exciting as that savings was, when I look at the cost of cigarettes TODAY, I figure that a 3 pack per day habit would probably cover the car payment on a REALLY nice car!

And even if you’re not smoking 3 packs per day, at today’s prices it’s pretty easy to smoke a car payment – maybe not a Jaguar, but a car payment. Do the math, think about it as a pay raise for the hard work of quitting.

The money may not be your primary motivation to quit, but it can really help to multiply the daily cost of smoking (or whatever your habit may be) by 30 and look at the monthly payment you could make to yourself! Several years ago I helped a couple quit. They were smoking 4 packs daily between them. With their “ciggy bank” loot, they bought a two-bedroom fixer-upper on a lake in New Hampshire! Yes, they turned their habit into a house!

And for the first month or two, keep your savings handy, because you may want to treat yourself to a few little rewards (a CD, new shoes, video game, jewelry, dinner with a friend) along your journey.

Go claim your pay raise (and your FREEDOM!)

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