Stop and Give Me Three

Stop and Give Me Three

A drill sergeant may say ‘drop and give me twenty,’ but I’m not talking about sit-ups. And while the daily exercise I’m proposing may not give you abs of steel, it can have a meaningful, positive, healthy effect on your life.

It’s really simple, and with practice, it will become easier each day.

When your feet hit the floor, begin making a list of three things for which you are grateful.

Consider setting a goal of naming all three before the coffee finishes brewing, so you don’t get in the habit of postponing it until later. And the reason you want to do this upon rising is that it will shift your outlook into a slightly more hopeful mode at the start of your day.

If you have trouble settling into sleep at night, consider three more as you tuck yourself in at night. It might shift your mind into a place where sleep is a tiny bit more peaceful.

Try it for a few days and see how you feel. On days when I do it, I feel it!

Have a beaYOUtiful day! Thanks for taking good care of you.

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