Get Over It!

So it’s Wednesday, or as some people call it – Hump Day! The original meaning of Hump Day was that Wednesday was the hump in the middle of the week and after Wednesday, we were heading for the weekend.

Well there are always AT LEAST two ways to look at anything. So, sometimes “humps” are the things in our path that we need to get over. We can either look at them as obstacles or we can look at them with a playful attitude and consider them to be challenges. Maybe they’re even invitations to grow! Changing what we call them can change how we feel about them and how we approach them.

Lately I’ve been trying to use the phrase “plot twist” whenever something unexpected happens – rather than see it as a calamity. Hearing myself say “plot twist” shifts my catastrophe-thinking into curiosity. Whenever we can shift our mind into a curious mode, our brains actually get a reward. Scientists think it’s an evolutionary bonus to encourage primitive mankind to go looking for food, create tools, and other things which help advance our species.

So what would happen if the next time we encounter an “obstacle,” we saw it as a ‘hump” inviting us to find a way to get over it? Hmmm,…I’m curious.

Happy #HumpDay!

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