Choose to Forgive

When you choose to forgive those who have hurt you, you take their power away.

Those who have hurt us in the past will continue to hurt us in some way for as long as we remember their offense. If we’re carrying around anger, resentment, or hatred, they have power over us. Ironically, the “they” who have the power to continually hurt us don’t wield the power – we do. We’re the one carrying around the “ammunition” that allows them to “trigger” us. We choose to continue to allow their past words or deeds to have influence over us. We allow them to steal our joy, rob us of our peace, and distract us from the here and now. In a way, we really do that to us, not “them.”

Watch this insightful video with Dr. Gabor Mate, and hear how he speaks about triggers. To be clear, this is not my video. I imply no ownership or rights to it. But when I see something this good, I feel obligated to share it with the folks I care about. (Yes, that’s you!)

To talk in terms of “power,” we have the power to take away theirs. In doing so, we gain the power to heal from wounds they caused. And while the choice to forgive isn’t easy to make, it is a choice. It is a choice that only we can make. Doesn’t it feel good to have power? Choose it – use it! Refuse to let someone else’s past actions affect your present and future peace.


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