Mental Health


MENders is an open concept support group for anyone who identifies as male. Our original, in-person meetings were located in Central Massachusetts. We migrated meetings onto virtual platforms in order to continue to provide support during the pandemic. MENders values and protects the privacy of all participants. We’ve created a safe, confidential space where all …

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#ICOVIDQUIT The benefits of quitting may surprise you. Katie is very happy that she took this step – especially now! Maybe a pandemic is a reason to do it, rather than an excuse to wait. Listen to Katie’s calm courage: “It’s a feedback loop. When I would smoke, the feedback loop was, “I’m stressed, I don’t know …

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Perhaps we’re missing the point when we think and talk about the glass being half empty or half full. More important than the current state of the glass is this fact: The glass is refillable! That’s right! It’s my glass and I take responsibility for refilling it. So, what things can refill one’s glass? These …

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