The Best Time is Now

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Acting now has a power. Act now and you may find that momentum or inertia assists you on your journey. Once we’re in motion, other changes become easier to make. Behavioral change expert and researcher B J Fogg ( might refer to this phenomena as the “success avalanche.” Change brings more change.

I’ve watched with amazement as my quit-buddies put down their cigarettes and picked up a bicycle, or their running shoes. Getting a photograph of a former smoker – who got winded doing a flight of stairs – atop a mountain with her new mountain bike is a pretty exciting thing! One quit-buddy, in his early thirties, quit tobacco and was in an Iron Man competition a year later!

A woman who succeeded at quitting, decided to make some other changes in her life. She ended an unhealthy relationship, bought a kayak, reconciled some strained relationships, and started a new career. She said that she always thought quitting smoking was “impossible.” Once she conquered quitting, all of those other positive changes became possible.

Take action now – even a small step in the right direction wins. And the change you want to make may be just the beginning!

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