Create and Feel Great!

People who take or make time time to express themselves creatively report better moods, less stress, and just plain feel better!

Feeling sluggish or stuck? Maybe your sketch pad is the cure.

Turn off the ringer on the phone and play a little music instead. Release those creative thoughts in your head.
Capture them on canvas or on paper,
or write another chapter in your literary caper.
What good things might happen if you give yourself and hour
To commune with the “Creator” or the earth’s creative power?

“Cutty-Pastey” is Good Medicine

Connecting to creative energy within us or around us usually feels good, healing, calming, and restorative. Whether that is for scientific or spiritual reasons I may never know. But I know that when I find or make time to spend creating, it’s therapeutic.

So knit, sing, compose, dance, stitch, sketch, craft, build, paste, fold, arrange, or color! And if you’re thinking you “used to” do some of those things, why the heck did we stop?! Let’s make it a priority to use our creativity before the week is over – better yet, do it today! Notice your mood when you do.

Inner Critic?

If you’re tempted to be too critical about what you create, consider this – maybe the goal is the way it makes you feel, NOT the “product” you create.

Let’s make time to make something. (But don’t make excuses!)

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