Victory Awaits

Don’t postpone your success. We know that getting started is the hardest part of making a change. But the experience of life should assure us that momentum will make the change easier once we get started. So let’s not let fear or apathy keep us from winning this fight. Sure, it’s easier to just let things be, but you’re too important to settle for the status quo. Do it now!

If you’re serious about making progress, add some peer pressure to the plan. Peer pressure is often viewed as a negative influence. I cringe when I think of things I did because of peer pressure or a desire to “fit in.” However, a positive version of peer pressure is a game-changer! Face it. No one of us is a brave as all of us.

Turn Peer Pressure into Positive Power:

  • Choose an accountability partner who sincerely cares about you (to reduce feeling scolded or judged.)
  • Pick a friend (not an “accomplice” who might make it easy for you not to make progress.)
  • Tell them exactly what you’re planning to do and when.
  • Check in with them about your progress frequently.
  • Empower them to make thoughtful suggestions.
Six months from now you’ll have six months of excuses or six months of progress.

Enlist the support of an accountability partner (or partners) and take action today!
Learn about QuittersWin weekly groups to harness the positive peer pressure. You can have the compassionate support (and positive peer pressure) of a room full of folks who really understand your journey.

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