What Really Matters?

What Really Matters?

This world seems to have an unlimited supply of distractions, most of which – when all is said and done – don’t really matter. They shouldn’t change what happens next.

Here is short list of some of the distractions I’m talking about:

– other people’s opinions
– what she said about me
– how unfair those circumstances are
– whether or not somebody will approve of this
– my fears
– my past mistakes, missteps, and failed attempts
– what I read in a blog or saw on social media

What happens next needs to be an ACTION that MOVES me toward my goal – despite my fears, their opinions, conventional wisdom, or what’s trending on social media.

I know what I need to do today to move toward my goal; the next right thing. And I know that if I keep focusing on THAT, I’ll be moving toward my goals. I can’t allow myself to use fear, unfairness, or Facebook as excuses to wait. Taking action now is a focus that won’t disappoint us (and disappointing others is for somebody else to worry about.)

I’m a FAN of #FocusActNow! http://ow.ly/i/yYPby

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