Adventures and Plot Twists

Adventures and Plot Twists

“Attitude can turn an ordeal into an adventure.”
– Oscar Wilde

We hope our day will go smoothly, but know that some days don’t. The next time our day begins to unravel, what would happen if we looked at the unforeseen development as a “plot twist,” rather than a “disaster?”

Running a little late and then you discover you need to stop to buy gas?
MAYBE instead of grumbling, we could try to think,”I wasn’t planning on stopping here today. I wonder if there’s someone here who needs a smile.”

Life happens, and it doesn’t generally happen according to our plans or expectations. Most days we will face unexpected occurrences. We don’t get to choose what happens, but I CAN choose to try to build a habit of choosing to see adventure where I used to see ordeals.

I hope your day goes smoothly, but it probably won’t.
Enjoy the adventures!

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