Kindness to Others

Kindness to Others

It is by no means a surprise that when we show kindness to others, we can minimize their suffering. Even when we can’t change their circumstances in material ways, our attention matters to them. Kindness to others smothers much suffering.

But the OTHER suffering that we can minimize through kindness to others is OUR suffering. When we shift our focus to the needs of others, we can pull our awareness away from some of our own worries and despair, at least temporarily. As a secondary benefit or “side-effect,” showing kindness to others can sometimes remind us that we are good people.

Today as we move through our day, let’s focus on the suffering of others and see what happens to ours. It is a blessing to be a blessing.

“When I do good I feel good, when I do bad I feel bad. This is my religion.”
-Abraham Lincoln

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