Plan To Win

Plan To Win

– Want to finish this day with a deep sense of accomplishment?

– Want to have a really successful week in which you achieve realistic goals
and check off lots of things on your ‘to do’ list?

– Want to reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of guilt in your life?

Set aside 20 minutes today to plan. What we do today will always have some bearing on how tomorrow goes. If what we do today is plan, lots of things can go better. Planning today can help us to offload some of the things we would have worried about and been anxious about tomorrow. And if what you’re planning involves a big change (like quitting smoking, changing your diet, etc.) a little planning goes a long way towards taking some of the fears out of the journey.

So grab your sticky-notes, your calendar app, or pocket planner and invest a little time now to improve your week!


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