Honor Those Who Served

Freedom. It’s a word that means different things to different people. We recognize our freedom in both tiny and grand ways. We each exercise our freedom in personal ways each day – many times each day. Hopefully in doing so we are honoring those who have fought, served, and even died while defending our freedom.

Today we are (relatively) free to express ourselves and choose our paths. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really using my freedom in a way that respects the price that countless veterans paid to preserve it. If I’m not truly expressing myself, not speaking out for causes that I believe in, not striving to be fully free… why did they serve? Those who serve deserve no less.

If I am released from a cage that holds me against my will, I should run from that place and relish my liberty. But if I were to turn and walk – of my own free will – back into that cage, what would my liberators think? Let us look honestly at our lives with fresh eyes. Are we realizing the fullness of the freedoms given to us? May we strive to be freer! Let’s shake off the chains of our choosing which hold us back and weigh us down. I’m grateful for a day that invites me to consider the cost of my freedom so that I can try to use it well.

Honor those who served by using our freedom wisely.

Especially today, if you’re a veteran, “Thank you!”

If you’re not a veteran, find a veteran and thank them!


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