Dream and Bust Your Butt

Dream and Bust Your Butt

Out of context, the object in the photograph will not be familiar to many of us. It represents the engine, the guts, the hard work, the precision, the grit, and determination that lifts a hot-air balloon into its lofty journey to some whimsical destination.

The engine or burner does the work, the brightly colored balloon gets the attention. Sometimes our goals can be lofty, sound great, and garner attention, but without focus, dedication, and just plain, hard work, we’re never going to get where we want to go.

hot-air-balloons-1984308_1280Let’s focus on the work, the grit, and the sweat, for they are worthy of our attention – even if they don’t sound as exciting. Let’s make hard work sound lofty, worthwhile, and yes – maybe even fun!

Everyone wants a balloon ride, but only those with a solid plan and a willingness to work hard will reach their destination.


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