The Other F-Word

The Other F-Word

Failure is a word that may seem negative or even hopeless, but I think we ought to give it another chance. To be clear – I wish for, hope for, pray for, and visualize your success. But it’s entirely likely, when we’re brave enough to strive for worthwhile goals, that we’ll experience set-backs along the way.

So if (probably when) our attempts fall short, we can resist the temptation to feel defeated long enough to explore the failure (there, I said it!) it will almost always hold clues about how we can adjust our methods and make our ultimate success more certain.

In QuittersWin class (addiction recovery groups) I often say that I am not so worried about a person’s relapse as I am about the story they’ll tell themselves about it. Falling down isn’t failure. Choosing not to try to get up again is. Failure can be a powerful ally on our way to reaching our goals. Embrace it, learn from it and your ultimate success is closer than it’s ever been!

Mess up, ‘fess up, wise up, get up, and get back on the path!


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