Time to Play

Time to Play

Every day ought to include at least a few minutes for us to play. Playing can help us connect with our curious, wide-eyed, wondering selves – perhaps a childlike version of ourselves.

Giggling, gasping, and holding our breath as a soap bubble touches down… will it pop right away or linger a moment? See how the subtle rainbow colored swirls seem to dance about on the surface of the transparent globe… Almost without regard for gravity the bubble drifts, directed by the tiniest of drafts. And as it bursts, we hasten to send another voyager into the air, once again holding our breath as it floats.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to marvel and giggle over soap bubbles? May I suggest that it’s been too long? For those who think that such play is frivolous or indulgent, let’s remember that blowing bubbles requires that we practice deep breathing. Deep breathing is associated with all sorts of positive health benefits!

So might I ‘prescribe’ a bottle of ‘bubble stuff’ for you? And after you’ve played, let’s remember that every day requires time for play – especially the very busy ones.

#BreatheAndBelieve http://ow.ly/i/B3D9o

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