Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Immediate gratification is SO tempting, and we often settle for some sort of quick fix, rather than pushing forward towards our noble goal. Settling for ‘now’ can means saying ‘never’ to those good and honorable goals. Practicing saying ‘no’ to ‘now’ is a habit we probably ALL need to build.
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Perhaps it will help to refocus on the prize. When all is said and done, for you to feel a soul-deep sense of satisfaction and achievement – to be able to hold your head high and know that you have accomplished a truly great thing – is a Herculean feat! Imagine how awesome that will feel!

Keep your eye on the prize and don’t forget that YOU are the prize, my brave friend. Press on and claim that prize.

“Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now.”
-Zig Ziglar

Don’t forget that you’re awesome!

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