Snowstorm or Sanctuary?

Snowstorm or Sanctuary?

Today, like every other day, is about choices. Whether or not we like the weather depends on whether we choose to see the weather as a friend or a foe. And to a large extent, we really DO get to choose. Does this snowstorm trap you or does it provide you a sanctuary – a place to be still and be safe?

I know at least a couple of my Quit-Buddies were planning to get snowed in without any cigarettes to nail down their ‘smobriety!’ They’ll keep their crafts and puzzles handy and they stocked up on movies and groceries enough to get them through the weekend. What a great way to use a snowstorm for good!

Of course we want everyone to be safe and warm. Make sure you take good care of you. But remember that stressing out about a storm is a choice. Worrying about weather is certainly one of those ‘out of our control’ situations. Let it go, let it snow. Make provisions to be safe and warm and enjoy the snow! Who knows? Maybe a blizzard is a blessing.

Warm, peaceful thoughts, love and light to you all.

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