Freezing and Fun!


Some of you know I’ve been rather obsessed with the idea of freezing soap bubbles. I’ve long been a fan of blowing bubbles because it requires us to practice deep breathing (or maybe aerobic arm-flapping?) Taking time to breathe deeply is simply good for us – all of us! And all of us ought to practice it more often.


But blowing bubbles in the freezing cold – THAT might be sorcery! It really does seem magical to watch the liquid ‘skin’ of a bubble become solid. It can look as if unseen artisans are etching on the surface of the bubble.

The internet has plenty of photographs and videos that are more remarkable than mine, but I feel rather accomplished that on one of the coldest days of this winter, I went outside and made friends with the sub-zero temperatures. I even found some cool music by a fellow named Julian Winter.


When all is said and done, we obviously can’t change the weather, but today the harshness of the cold was what allowed the ‘magic’ etchings of Jack Frost on my soap bubbles. So as glad as I’ll be to see my garden in the spring, until then I will dread the cold a little less because I chose to befriend the arctic chill today. I will have to wait for spring to come, but I needn’t hate while I wait.


Perspective matters and we DO have authority over our thoughts. Sometimes changing our minds can change our lives. Don’t forget to breathe deeply!




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