Opportunities and Sunsets

Opportunities and Sunsets

Opportunities are like sunsets – if you wait too long, they’re gone. And even while the sun WILL set tomorrow, it will be a different sunset. Similarly, the opportunity that tomorrow MIGHT hold, will not be the opportunity that today holds. Seize it. Do it now. What are we waiting for? We all know that someday we will run out of chances, opportunities, and even sunsets.

What’s the worst thing that could happen if we try and fall short? Haven’t we all fallen short before or missed the mark? So in someways we have nothing to lose by trying – by trying now! And if we’re wise enough to to be willing to learn from a stumble or tumble, tomorrow we will either be successful or wiser! Those are not bad options!

Seize it – either for the success you seek or for the wisdom that failure holds for those with courage.

I #DoubleDogDare you!


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