Plan to Play!

Plan to Play!

Do we stop playing when we grow old or do we grow old when we stop playing?

You’ve probably heard the question before, and maybe even smirked while thinking about it. But if you know that you need some more ‘play’ in your life, what are you doing about it? What are you doing about this weekend?

I went out onto the deck in the zero degree cold this morning to blow some soap bubbles and watch them freeze. If you’ve never watched soap bubbles freeze, don’t judge me until you do! (see videos below.) I’m hoping the mornings are cold enough that I can do some more. And to weather-proof my play plans, I also have a couple canvases that have been inviting me to paint lately.

So I already got some playtime logged and I’ve made plans for more. So what fun are you planning to have this weekend? I know it may seem lame to have to ‘plan’ fun (it certainly lacks spontaneity) but without a plan, other things can crowd our calendar.

So let’s hear it – what fun or play will you treat yourself to this weekend? It’s #GoodMedicine to play. ((Check out the freezing bubbles!))

1 thought on “Plan to Play!”

  1. Love those freezing bubbles! 😄 Totally agree with the importance of play and putting a play date on the calender to ensure we aren’t just adulting through our days isn’t a bad idea at all! I’m going to take a swim in pool at my gym tomorrow and also have some paints, brushes and watercolor paper calling my name! 😊

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