Feed Your Faith

Feed Your Faith

I suppose that everyone has faith in something and what’ we choose to put our faith in varies wildly from person to person. Faith can help us stay hopeful in the face of temporary hard times, set backs, struggles, or stumbles.

The idea of feeding our faith sounds immediately true and right to me. But how does one go about feeding their faith? Maybe it’s just a matter of focus – if we focus on the fearful things we feel more fearful, so trying to focus on faithful things makes lots of sense. And perhaps to feed (strengthen) our faith we need to fill our mind (out faith-belly) with stories and songs which support our faithful, hopeful outlook.

But however you think the feeding of one’s faith can happen, I’m certain this is true – If you feed your faith your fear will starve.

Bon appetite! http://ow.ly/i/D3PTL

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