Never the Same

We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change. ~ Sheryl Sandberg

This may sound too good to be true – to suggest that once we become aware we will change – but I think it IS true. But it doesn’t mean that once we become aware of an undesirable behavior, we will never behave that way again.

Sometimes what happens is that we change the story we tell ourselves about the behavior. We might justify or rationalize why it’s OK for us to continue the behavior. And if we do, Sheryl Sandberg’s quote is true – something changed, but it did not necessarily improve.

I love that words and stories have the power to change us, but sometimes those same tools – words and stories – can be used to keep us in our behaviors, even when they cause harm (to us and/or others.) So for Sandberg’s quote to be true AND beneficial, I think it’s important that when we become aware of an undesirable behavior, we try to change our behavior, not just the story about the behavior.

Having our eyes, hearts, and minds open so that we can become aware is essential, but it only leads to good when we commit to real change.
Thanks to Jennifer M. for bringing this great quote to my attention. You made me aware and I could not help but share!


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