Of Grackles, Labradorite, and People Too!

Over the weekend on three occasions in three different places, I saw grackles. Of course, at this time of year, seeing birds is not unusual, but grackles aren’t that common around here. This week I rediscovered a small collection of labradorite stones that I had stashed away.

I observed a similarity between grackles and labradorite. Both, upon casual glance, appear quite unremarkable. Depending upon the lighting, grackles would be easily mistaken for a starling or any number of medium sized dark colored birds. In its natural state, labradorite seems much like many other rocks, and even when polished, can appear as gray.

But from certain perspectives, one can discover and appreciate the true brilliance of a grackle’s feathers. When the light and angle are just right, deep, shimmering jewel tones shine, beautifully offset by the dark black feathers!

Now if all you see is ‘black birds,’ I respectfully suggest that you look more closely. Maybe a change of perspective will help you appreciate the true beauty of these creatures. Maybe slowing down will help too.

Rediscovering the labradorite made me realize the traits shared with grackles. Again, the stones looked pretty much like stones, even when cut into deliberate shapes and polished.


Only a closer look, a more thoughtful or mindful contemplation, allowed me to see all they have to offer. From a different perspective and in a different light, labradorite has ‘magic’ hiding inside!


I attempt to stay open to any messages that the universe may be sending my way. I’ve been accused of finding significance in the insignificant (and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.) But if the universe was speaking to me this week, it may have been to remind me that I should assume that every rock is a gem. I should expect that every dull colored bird may have a secret sparkle to share under the right circumstances.

As we encounter nature and as we encounter other beings this week, perhaps we can try to recall this lesson. May labradorite and grackles remind us to look for and expect hidden splendor in the world around us, and especially in ourselves and in others! Assume best intentions whenever engaging with others and look for their ‘sparkle.’ Perhaps if we ‘sparkle-seekers’ set a consistent example, the world can be a kinder, gentler place.



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