Master the Moment

I saw this quote recently –

“You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day.

Just relax.

Master the day.

Then just keep doing that every day.”

I immediately liked the quote and the sentiment behind it. But after a little pondering, I thought I’d re-write it, and since no one seems to know who first wrote or said it, I am certainly free to take liberty with the phrase. Again, I love the sentiment, but sometimes the idea of mastering a whole day can be overwhelming or seem beyond reach.

As I hustled out to my car this morning, thinking about the day before me, I may have been feeling a little anxious. The week is a bit more complicated than some weeks are. I hesitated and remembered something in the house I had forgotten. Back in I went, another minute passed – another minute later than I had hoped to be. And as I approached the car a second time, I spied a sunflower out of the corner of my eye. Yesterday I had noticed that some of its petals looked like the flower was still rubbing its face. But today – at that moment – all its petals were fully outstretched, welcoming or perhaps praising the sun!


Be still.


Breathe in this moment.   (grab your phone and capture the moment?)

In that moment, my mood shifted from hurried and harried to serene and grateful. I can’t know that I’ll be able to hold that state of mind/heart/soul all day. But I let the moment have me and therein mastered that moment. And now I have attempted to share the moment with you.

Be at Peace, Friend.

Forever is composed of nows.  -Emily Dickinson 

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