We Are Not Alone

No, this post is not about extraterrestrials. That may be a conversation for another day. But in a very healthy way, most of us are better when we’re connected to others – especially others who understand our situations. And I don’t mean someone who can whine with us and be miserable with us and complain about all of the things in the world that aren’t fair with us.

I mean someone who can relate to us. Sometime I call it the “power of we.”

We can do things that I (alone) cannot.

When you connect with us, we are stronger, wiser, braver, and virtually unstoppable.

QuittersWin offers phone coaching and free text message support, because we understand that some compassionate accountability can really help us stay on the path and reach our goals.

QW Phone Text Support

And of course QuittersWin‘s most powerful format is the weekly group. There are free groups – open to all – in Athol and Gardner, MA each week. (*Locations and times below.)

Certain healthcare organizations also host weekly QuittersWin groups for their patients in Amherst, Easthampton, and Greenfield, MA. (For info regarding those groups, CLICK HERE.) 

QW weekly Groups

And for folks who live elsewhere, there are social media platforms where you can connect with others on the journey and with qualified experts. Feel free to send a message via Twitter or Facebook. As soon as possible we’ll respond. Following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page will keep you connected and make communicating easier.


And while I told you this post was NOT about extraterrestrials, I didn’t say anything about no droids!

Fuel up with the power of we and give your journey the turbo-charge you’ve been waiting for!

Thanks for taking good care of you!




*QuittersWin meets at Athol Hospital (2033 Main St. Athol, MA) Mondays at 6:00 pm

*QuittersWin meet at The People’s Place (73 City Hall Ave. Gardner, MA) Wednesdays at 7:00 pm (orientation for newbies at 6:30 pm.)

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