Truth unleashes the power to change everything

The Power of Truth

We have probably all heard some variant of the expression “you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” As a facilitator of groups I have countless times witnessed how one person’s truth can also set other people free. That’s why I am such a proponent of gathering in groups.

Sharing one’s truth – while powerfully liberating – can also feel very scary. Usually, after we summon the courage to share a candid truth – perhaps one that makes us feel vulnerable – we may be surprised by how relieved we feel. How the world doesn’t crumble around us! The fear we feel when we think about disclosing our truth is sometimes exaggerated.

If you’re ever with someone who shares a revealing or potentially embarrassing truth, be sure to thank them for their candor. I will often use this phrase: “It was courageous of you to share that. Thank you for trusting me with your truth.” Any place where truth is valued that way is more likely to feel like a safe place for others to share their truths.

The Power of We

We often speak of the power of we in group settings. I has always delighted me that the word Illness and the word Wellness are so similar in form, while completely opposite in meaning. ‘Stepping into a We’ gives us access to more truth, more wisdom, more hope, more courage, and more strength. Those commodities can be lent and borrowed in a group. Within the collective power of a group, every member can benefit from the unified truth, wisdom, hope, courage, and strength!

As soon as "I" join another and become a "we" Illness can become Wellness.
Change the I in Illness to We, and everything changes!

We may be temporarily required to maintain a greater spacial distance from one another than usual. I like the term ‘spacial distance’. It reminds me that even if we aren’t in the same physical space, we can still connect and feel that power of we. So especially now when we should keep ourselves away from one another, let’s be intentional about maintaining connection. Whether it’s by email, text, phone, or web-conferencing, please share the power of your connection.

NOTE: QuittersWin GROUPS are maintaining connection using the Zoom application. Want to use Zoom to maintain connection with QuittersWin and your friends and family? You can download ZOOM HERE.

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  1. Love this! Secrets keep us sick. Love your response to a person who steps out of their comfort zone and become vulnerable!!!

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