Get and Use Zoom

Please download and use this FREE app, Zoom. At this time when we have to maintain social distancing we may be feeling disconnected from people we care about.

This video talks you through the process of installing Zoom. If you only watch the first 90 seconds, you’ll have what you need to join in to QuittersWin online meetings!

You may also want to substitute a Zoom call for a regular phone call. I hope you’ll do this because I talk with some of you by phone already and I see some of you in one the offices where I work. But I – like lots of folks around the world right now – am working from home. I would love to have the added connection of seeing your smiling faces while we talk.

Connecting is good medicine and Zoom is a FREE and easy way to do that. Once you install it, you’ll want to use it with family and friends. Please take a couple minutes to do this and let’s connect soon!

There are social media platforms where you can connect with others on the journey and with qualified experts. Feel free to send a message via Twitter or Facebook. As soon as possible we’ll respond. Following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page will keep you connected and make communicating easier.

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