please don't panic

Remember! There is Good News.

Please REMEMBER that when we hear about more cases of COVID-19 that part of the reason is that testing supplies are getting out to more communities – good news! So they can now accurately identify people who need treatment. Good news! And to be encouraged to self-quarantine to avoid further spread. good news!

There’s actually some good news hiding in there. Let’s try to take time to JUST BREATHE and look for the good news.


Sometimes when we take a step back or take a little time, bad news can be easier to bear. Once in a while, we even see that SOME “bad news” turns out to be hiding an unexpected “gift.” If we think about it for a few minutes, I bet we can all think of examples of that being true.

When “bad news” comes our way next, let’s try to take a moment. Take a breath and remember what Napoleon Hill said:

“Opportunity often comes in disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.”

This moment invites us to adjust our trajectories, to strengthen our sense of direction. Check your (moral) compass and make the adjustments to your future course today. Imagine the better, truer path of your future self because of the work you choose to do today.

Most think it impossible to go back and create a new beginning. Let’s not overlook the inescapable truth that today we can start to make a new ending! And remember, there is good news!

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