Take it easy. Remember to make time for gratitude!

Gratitude: Ready, Set, Recharge!

This morning I came to the desk where I sit when working from home. As I internally expressed gratitude that my work is continuing, I looked at the small fleet of mobile phones plugged into their various charging cables and the “easy” button which I use to celebrate various tasks I accomplish. The subject of today’s post seemed obvious to me. (That was easy!)

The key to making it through tough times, may be our ability to take it easy. Let’s try to take it easy on the people around us. They’re not at their best and they’re probably doing the best they can. So, let’s assume best intentions and cut them all a little slack.

That sounds kind, doesn’t it? To offer some grace to the people around us may help us not get our feathers ruffled. When we look beyond the behavior we see and try to understand the stressors those folks may have in their lives, it may become easier to tolerate their less than ideal behavior or performance. And if we look at others through the lens of grace, it feels good doesn’t it?

Let’s be sure we’re extending that same grace to ourselves, too! We need to evaluate our goals and expectations and see which are currently realistic. We need to take it easy on us, too! Self-compassion is essential. When we look closely at people who are tough and successful, they are probably people who have learned when to take it easy and when to recharge.

If we’re going to make it through this challenging season, we will need to be more committed than ever to the idea of recharging. As the COVID-19 pandemic looks more like a marathon than a sprint, we need to pace ourselves, practice gratitude, and refuel often. For those of us on a journey of recovery from any sort of addiction, we need to do likewise.

Ready? Set? Recharge!

NOTE: I’d love to hear your comments on the various ways you recharge when you’re feeling drained. As always you can text me, but leaving your comments here for others to read may multiply the good you can do. As always, it is my privilege and pleasure to serve people brave enough for this journey. Be kind to you and stay in touch, please! There are over 450 posts here. Give yourself a break and poke around. You’ll probably find some hidden gems in there.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Ready, Set, Recharge!”

  1. Tim,
    Thank You for this reminder to be kind to ourselves and the people around us.
    I find getting outside and away from the overstimulation of technology is what recharges me the most right now. The sights, sounds and smells of nature are so”easy” to take in. It’s all just there waiting for me.

  2. Rebecca Irene Labrie

    When I feel I need to recharge, I k ow it is time to spend time with myself and maybe do something artistic or simply just take a nap. I do not make enough time to relax lately, so this article is a spectacular reminder that relaxing doesn’t make me a lazy person, relaxing is helpful to my mental health. (In moderation of course), and after hard work has led me on a path of deserving it. I need more peace in my life. Comment if you feel the same!

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