Five Finger Breathing from Dr. Jud

Five finger breathing: a simple way to reboot your brain, calm down and be in the moment. Worry takes up your brain’s “RAM” (working memory.)

Paying attention to many senses (seeing, feeling) & body parts (hands, breath) at once crowds out worry.

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Dr. Jud has lots of resources that can help us understand habit formation (from brain-science perspective) so we can take a more active role in engineering our own behavior. One of my favorite short videos is his explanation of Habit Loops. Yes, the video is promoting his app. No, I don’t get paid to promote his app. Yes, I think there’s value in this 2 minute video, even without you needing to buy anything. (I do not and will not monetize QuittersWin. It’s free to all site visitors.)

Here’s the Habit Loop intro video:

Learn this HANDY deep breathing exercise.

The free “Breathe by Dr. Jud” app provides short, on-demand, evidence-based anti-anxiety exercises that can help you deal with stress and uncertainty.  Download it for Apple devices or Android devices.

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