A BIG Favor, Peeps?

Favor is a verb. – “My mother always seemed to favor black jelly beans, so we’d save them for her.”

It’s the root of the word favorite, and it’s a noun. “May I ask you a favor?”

Today I’m asking some of my favorite folks (Yes, I’m talking to you) to do a favor for your favorite peeps.

I’d like you to look around this site, find a post that makes you feel good, feel calm, feel safe, feel like dancing, or feel like singing. When you find it, you’ll know it! There are over 500 posts here, written in the past few years. You’ll find silly posts, pretty pictures, challenges, poems, and plenty of positivity. I’m sure there’s something here for all of your favorite peeps.

I’m sure there’s something here for all of your favorite peeps. Make their day better today by letting them know that you’re thinking of them. Here’s an EASY way to do that. Copy the link to a favorite post and email/text it to your favorite folks.

Now’s the time to intentionally connect. Send a link to a favorite post to your favorite peeps!

You just made their day better by letting them know you’re thinking of them!

I appreciate you and this is a really EASY way for you to appreciate your special peeps, too! And in times as strange as these, connecting is more important than ever. Stay close (even if physically apart.) stay in touch, and stay safe, friends! #TakeItEasy

Sharing is caring. That really was easy, wasn’t it?!

Thanks for being awesome!

Did you ever wonder how those little bunnies and chicks are made, how did the pandemic effect their business, or how many Peeps they can make in a day? Well, wonder no longer. Check out this video and your questions will be answered! NOTE: I claim no rights to this video.

Video by Business Insider – Just Born makes 2 billion Peeps a year in their Bethlehem, PA factory. Peeps make up 70% of Just Born’s annual revenue, and their peak sales season is Easter. Every year people fill Easter baskets, make dioramas, and have competed in eating challenges with these marshmallow treats.

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