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When we’re have a flat tire we usually do two things. First we remove the defective tire, but none of us would think of hopping into the driver’s seat and driving away at that point. No, there’s another essential step; put on a good tire! I realize that may sound painfully obvious to you, but when it comes to quitting, too many of us remove the bad tire (habit) and try to drive off!

We can’t just remove, we need to replace. Cigarettes (or other similar habits) served a purpose (several, probably) and we will need some new ways to fill those voids. Tobacco, even while it was robbing and killing us, kept our hands busy, helped fill our time, distracted us from various feelings, gave us something to do! We need a new tire that will do all of those things (without filling our lungs with arsenic and polonium.)

When it comes to finding new healthy activities or hobbies, think – “Head, Hands, Heart.” Activities that keep our heads and hands busy while lifting our heart (mood) are ideal! Think about the HHH activities that you might find pleasurable. If you try an activity and it doesn’t quite make your apple turn over, try another one. Don’t be afraid to spend a little of that Ciggy Bank money trying out a new hobby. Take an introductory class, buy a few tools and materials for your new hobby. It’s OK to spend a little dough – you’re worth it!

Share ‘Cuz You Care!

When you chose a HHH activity, drop me a note and let me know how it’s going. I love to be able to share other quitters’ good ideas! Here are some of my favorite HHH activities I’ve heard from quitting friends:

  • Quitting, Sitting, Knitting  – “I’m sitting in my new lawn glider (thanks, ciggy bank!) knitting for my grand kids.”
  • Gardening – “Yard work doesn’t wear me out like it used to! Weeding keeps my head and hands busy. My time in the garden feels like therapy and we’re saving money on the grocery bill too!”
  • Kayaking – “I bought 2 kayaks and all the go-withs (paddles, vests, helmets) with just 2 months of ciggy bank loot. My teens and I have never had more fun together! We’re out on the water almost every weekend.”
  • Stained Glass Gifts – “I’ve always thought working with stained glass would be interesting, but I never felt right about spending the money on myself. But now I realize that I’m worth it and this new habit is WAY better for me! I’m not an expert yet, but I’ve already started making Holiday gifts with my own two hands. ‘Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Horsefeathers!”

I hope you are taking good care of you! Feel free anytime to contact me about any specific trouble you’re having with your quit plan. I’m glad to help whenever I can.

2 thoughts on “Head Hands Heart Habits”

  1. I like reading the helpfulness that you give. The literature, that’s available. I just lost my sister. She was a smoker, along with other eliminates she suffered. Keep encouraging. Hopefully I’ll see the light. Thank you

    1. Dear Joyce, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m glad that you have found the site to be helpful. I hope that you might find some comfort, inspiration, and strength here. Thank you for taking time to leave a comment – especially on a day when you have so much on your mind. Take time to just breathe, my brave friend.

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