Balance is vital. Balance is an essential aspect of the universe. In fact, the entirety of the universe attests to balance. The inter-relatedness of the universe necessitates the balance and its unceasing motion seeks balance.

Our relationships require balance as well, if they are to be healthy. Two characteristics of healthy relationships which must be kept in balance are illustrated below. 

Both of the words happen to begin with ACC, which will hopefully help us to remember both characteristics. Either characteristic can be overdone and throw a relationship out of balance and into dysfunction. First, we need to accept one another, or offer ACCeptance to all members of the community. We ought to acknowledge that we are all flawed or uniquely dented by our genes and our experiences. We appreciate diverse beliefs and less than “perfect” conduct while striving to be always respectful of each soul. We accept each other when we have fallen short, slipped, fallen off the wagon, or jumped. But while we allow each other to be ‘imperfect,’ we care enough about one another to offer some means of ACCountability.

Too much acceptance, without any accountability can quickly make it too easy to not try too hard to grow or change. Addictions will fool us into thinking we’re doing OK when we’re not really making progress. Too much acceptance makes it easy for us to not change. Unless there is someone there to ask us to give an account of our efforts, urge us to try harder next time, offer us some suggestions, we may settle for less than we ought to have.

Too much accountability is every bit as dangerous as not enough. Accountability which seems harsh, demanding, or judgmental will drive people out of the fellowship or relationship, leaving them isolated and perhaps disenfranchised.

The key is the balance.

As we continue to commune here, let’s try to be daily mindful of these two essential values and how balancing them allows us to ACComplish amazing things together.

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  1. Derrick Hassan DAVENPORT

    I am desperately n need of being aware of balance and accountability something I must stay attentive about

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