The benefits of quitting may surprise you. Katie is very happy that she took this step – especially now! Maybe a pandemic is a reason to do it, rather than an excuse to wait. Listen to Katie’s calm courage:

“It’s a feedback loop. When I would smoke, the feedback loop was, “I’m stressed, I don’t know what to do, I can’t handle this, smoking a cigarette will make me feel better.” Which it did for, like, five minutes, but then I would want another cigarette, or I would feel guilty, or gross, or unhealthy. But now, that feedback loop is gone because I make other decisions like going for a walk… drinking some juice… calling a friend… And it creates a feedback loop of positivity and health and wellbeing that helps me keep moving forward to reach my goals.

It is really hard and it might take you more than one try. But, you just try again. You start again. So, there’s no shame in starting again. And with COVID, I started to think about my family – the people I love, the people I hold dear to me, the young people that I support in different ways. You have so many gifts to give this world. I recognized the gifts I had, and if I was dead, I couldn’t share those gifts. So… Realize the gifts that you have, realize the love you have to give this world, regardless of the difficulties that are present in this world, especially with this pandemic. And if you quit or try to quit, you will be better able to be in this world as your whole self and give this world what we really need from you. Like love, joy, and all the gifts that you have.”

—Katie, Oakland, CA

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