Not how, but why?

I recently stumbled upon this peculiar past performance by a very talented magician named Tom Mullica. Why the video attracted my attention should be obvious – he uses lit cigarettes in his stage trickery. Furthermore, I’ve always been intrigued by magic and illusions. So, I simply had to watch this video. I think you should, too!

Tom Mullica was a comedic magician, mime, and impressionist – an engaging and entertaining performer.

As people have watched the video, they have had a wide range of emotional responses. Some of the comedy is inescapably funny. His wit and sarcasm along with his vocal talents really made him a compelling entertainer. There is also an aspect of his routine that evoked distaste or disgust in some viewers. I had both positive and negative reactions – like watching a train wreck. Part of me didn’t like what I was seeing, but I couldn’t look away. And the frustrated amateur magician part of me wanted to figure out, “How is he doing that!?”

Near the end of the routine, Tom looks into the camera and answers an unspoken question. “Not how but why?” He seems to know that folks are wondering how he does it. But he suggests that why he does it might be the bigger mystery.

How do YOU feel about it?

After sharing the video with a few groups, I wanted to post it in the blog so others could see it, too. I’d really love to know what your thoughts are about this performance. Being curious about or feelings can be really helpful. When we’re thinking about reaching for a cigarette (or another bowl of ice cream?) being curious about our feelings can be helpful. Understanding the “why” behind our behavior can help us to change our behavior.

Stay curious and awesome! (And please let me know what you think of this video.)

Tom Mullica (1948-2016)

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